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Suffered a major ischemic stroke

I suffered a major ischemic stroke on November 16, 2016. As a result, I lost use of my left arm and hand. I began seeing Dr. Hsu on July 5, 2019 for acupuncture. I have seen her twice each week since I started. She has used Traditional Chinese Medicine – moxibustion, herbs, acupuncture and cupping to treat my condition.

I have recovered the recognition by my brain of my arm and hand! This is incredible progress. First, I noticed the sense that I could use my hand to dress. This happened immediately after my first or second treatment. Next, I had a daydream that was frequent in my childhood. As a child, I often imagined doing handstands and would do so. As an adult, I stopped acting on the urge so I was surprised when one morning after about a month of treatment, I had the urge to do a handstand! I had completely lost this “memory/daydream” after my stroke without even realizing it. I continue to gain use of my hand – naturally washing both hands, instead of thinking about washing my left, too, as an afterthought. Most recently I pulled on a sock with both hands before I realize what I was doing. After my stroke, my husband has nagged me (a lot!) to use my left hand. It never made sense until now, when my brain recognizes my hand and my hand recognizes my brain. I am now using my left hand more and more.

I highly recommend Dr. Hsu. She is extremely well educated and intelligent, as well as honest and friendly. She successfully treats a wide range of medical conditions.

– Kelly K.

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