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I recommend Dr. Hsu without hesitation

I have been a patient of Dr. Hsu’s for over two years. My profession as registered nurse has left me with numerous musculoskeletal as well as nerve impingement issues. I searched for a long time to find a physician who was traditionally trained in Chinese Medicine and also in Naturopathic Medicine, and I was delighted to finally learn about Dr. Hsu.

I find Dr. Hsu to be very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. She listens to her patient’s issues and is a good problem solver. Dr. Hsu’s background in nutrition is invaluable to helping prevent flare-ups; and under her guidance I am learning to think about food differently and make wiser choices. I have found some of the food I once thought were healthy are actually unhealthy for me and I am now adjusting to a gluten free diet as well.

I had already been benefiting from Dr. Hsu’s skills as an acupuncturist for about six months – but these skills were put to the test when over a year ago I fell and sustained bilateral fractures of my sacrum. I had mobility and pain issues. I obtained a lot of pain relief from Dr. Hsu’s acupuncture treatments; she also spent time helping me identify the different types of pain I was experiencing and how I could handle it. The pain relief I received from Dr. Hsu enabled me to reap the benefits of my physical therapy.

I recommend Dr. Hsu without hesitation. She is a valuable member of my healthcare team of physicians, specialist and therapists, an is a great addition to our local healthcare community. We are very lucky to have Dr. Hsu working here in Northern Kentucky, and it is my sincere hope that she is able to continue her practice here.

– Jean H.

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