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Digestive inflammation improved

Three and a half years ago I became a first time patient of Dr. Monica Hsu. Having a long history of digestive inflammation, I came to her very weak and unable to absorb nutrients properly. After taking an extensive medical and personal history, she brought a completely new insight into my situation like I had never heard before. As a result, I had many questions and she took the time to answer each one wisely and in a way I could easily understand. That day I had my first acupuncture session. As sick as I was, that evening I could tell my body was already working to heal!

Today I continue to see Dr. Hsu. My gut inflammation has improved dramatically. One of the unexpected benefits has been the clarity of thought and calm to my nervous system I have experienced with regular sessions. Her skillful acupuncture worked for me when nothing else could.

Dr. Hsu has a wealth of knowledge that she enjoys teaching me and I continue to value her wisdom and discernment. She is compassionate and eager to see her patients thrive and get well. I am very thankful God led me to her!

– Melinda J.

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