Portia Pettitt, L.Ac.

Portia Pettitt began her career in healing while on a spiritual retreat; at the time she was looking for direction, purpose, and healing in her own life. In 2000, she began her training at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and completed the 5 1/2 year course work and graduate degree at the Acupuncture College of Southeast Kentucky. There she studied with many great doctors one of whom was Dr. Gordon Zhu. Dr. Zhu spoke of her competence and often remarked that she was one of his top five students of all time. She was then privileged to study and work with Dr. Guo (Master Guo) for 15 years. Dr. Guo was a former oncologist and surgeon in China. This is where she learned true herbal remedies and complex formulas. Master Guo is one of the leading herbalist in the United States. His lineage as a 7th generation herbalist, oncologist and medical training made him a remarkable teacher. Portia continues to learn and is very grateful to all of her teachers, which are to numerous to mention.

She is currently, adding Dr.Tung’s method to her practice along with expanded auricular therapy. She is a humble master herbalist that continues to learn for she knows its a lifelong study. Her yoga and Qi gong practice help keep her centered while treating all types of patients. Her areas of specialty include all types of pain, Bell’s Palsy, obesity, infertility, skin conditions, auto immune, stress, anxiety, diabetes and hypertension.

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