Benefits of a Life Care Manager
By Kristi Grogan

Date : 01-14-2018

This post is courtesy of Ikor, Park Hills, KY, a new company dedicated to life c are management and day-to-day support for serniors and individuals with disabilities.

"Imagine that tomorrow, you suffered a stroke and could no longer manage your own affairs. Would you have a family member or friend who could drop everything they are doing to help pay your bills, file insurance claims, go to your doctors’ appointments and manage your medications? Perhaps this may not happen to you, but it may be happening to a loved one of yours, or a neighbor or a friend. And perhaps it’s not a stroke, but an automobile accident, or even dementia or mental disorders.  Or perhaps you are trying to help a family member and live several hundred miles away so you can't help at all times.

 If any of these situations apply to you or someone you know, there's a new service by IKOR staffed by professional Care Managers. Care Managers bring a diverse set of ability, education, and experience and can deliver help just once or provide recurring assistance ranging from advising you and your family to coordinating and overseeing care both remotely and in-person. Some organizations will even take on legal fiduciary roles, ranging from power of attorney (durable and/or health care) to trustee to guardian of person and/or estate. They can provide expertise and guidance on financial concerns (healthcare benefits (including Medicare), government benefits (such as Veterans or Medicaid)), healthcare decisions (whether it is related to medication, surgery, transplants), and living arrangements (in home or in a community-type setting).

 Care Managers can be a valuable resource to save you time, money, and stress. Time savings come from using the Care Managers expertise—you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and learn things that these organizations are already adept at dealing with. Financial savings can come from getting things right the first time or accessing certain benefits that you may not have known were available. Finally, and most importantly, a Care Manager allows a family member to be a family member; specifically, rather than having conversations dominated by discussion related to living arrangements and healthcare decisions, you can spend your time together providing support and joy."
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Based in Northern Kentucky and serving client in Greater Cincinnati and the Louisville area, Bill Schult opened IKOR in mid-2016 after seeing the difficulty his family went through taking care of his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s and Polio. Bill’s mother (his grandmother’s daughter) handled everything for her—his mother was the trustee of his grandmother’s funds, his mother attended all doctor’s appointments and helped his grandmother stay on top of her medications, and his grandmother oversaw all in-home caregivers. Bill recognized the emotional burden and learning curve that his mother went through, and decided that there as a need in the area. IKOR provides a team of experienced Registered Nurses and Bill’s background as a CPA, combined with a detailed knowledge as too many senior care resources in the Kentucky and Ohio area, to help you or your family handle any transitions gracefully.

 In the same way that GoBeyond Medicine considers all options besides just the traditional, IKOR and other Care Managers provide a holistic approach and a diverse set of skills to help you live as happily and healthily as possible.



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