How to get Hormone Levels tested?
By Barbara Persons

Date : 11-20-2017

Hormone replacement therapy can be confusing. There are not many providers who can help you. Typically, when you think your hormones are out of sync because of associated symptoms, your provider will order an FSH lab test to “check your hormones”. The FSH test will confirm a diagnosis of menopause, but it will not return any information on specific hormones. So you’re left not knowing which hormone levels may be too low, creating a hormone imbalance with uncomfortable side effects. When you suffer from any of the symptoms below, it’s prudent to identify if low hormone levels are at play. And, when a specific hormone is out of balance, you can then set up a plan with your provider to restore these to normal balanced levels. Once restored, most symptoms will subside or be eliminated.


Hormone imbalance can affect young as well as older women. Signs of possible hormone imbalance show up as acne, weight gain, sleep disturbance, lack of concentration, agitation, fatigue, irritability, depression problems and period/menstrual issues.  Older women may experience symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, poor memory, lack of or frequent periods, joint aches and depression.


To test your hormones, call Go Beyond Medicine where you can get a complete test. Too much testosterone and not enough estrogen is typically the cause of multiple problems.  Excessive testosterone causes joint pain, acne, dry skin and eyes, facial hair.  When coupled with low estrogen you can experience hot flashes, weight gain, inability to sleep and waking up at 3 in the morning, low energy, and depression symptoms.


Did you know that thyroid is a hormone?  There is talk that Vitamin D is a hormone as well.  Talk to your provider if you have any of those symptoms listed above.  If that is not possible ask a compounding pharmacist for a name of a provider who can help you.  Don’t give up because there is help for you.


If any of these hormones are out of balance, you can come to Go Beyond Medicine for on-site lab testing and a complete evaluation.


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