Is Food You Eat Making You Sick?
By Kristi Grogan

Date : 12-24-2017

Did you know that any food can make you sick? 90 out of 100 people react adversely to the food they eat. Our body can become sensitive to certain foods and eating "reactive" foods can lead to not feeling well. Even when eating the best fresh organic foods our bodies can have bad reactions, which can lead to disease. 

Without a blood test we can not tell which foods cause problems, such as

Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities

While food allergies are fairly easy to identify, food sensitivities are difficult to trace.  Repeatedly eating foods to which we are sensitive leads to gradual onset of chronically not feeling well. Typically, food sensitivity would barely be noticeable early on, but continuous exposure to these reactive foods leads to bodily symptoms and eventually disease processes.

Food toxicity can cause many illnesses. Elimination of reactive foods can measurably improve your health and well-being.

Go Beyond Medicine® is uniquely capable of helping you identify your specific lists of reactive foods. To schedule an appointment please click here or call(859) 586-0111.


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